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The threat of having your house repossessed is a daunting experience for you and your loved ones. If your house is repossesse d, then the aftermath can have catastrophic effects. No one ever plans to be in a positon where they can’t meet their financial obligations, but sometimes life can throw unexpected challenges our way. A job loss, rise in interest rates, unexpected tax bills and medical emergencies can sometimes put us in positons we were not prepared for. Avoiding house repossession is crucial to maintain a good credit score, otherwise future lending could prove to be difficult.

The Financial Conduct Authority points out that there is more than £15 billion in late mortgage repayments owed to the UK.

Selling your due to financial difficulty​

Stopping House Repossession

Here are some common reasons why you might want to sell your house fast because of financial difficulties.

Mortgage or Loan Default

When someone is having trouble keeping up with their mortgage payments or has defaulted on a loan, they may decide to sell their home in order to prevent repossession and/or pay off the debt.

Job Loss or Unemployment

Job Loss or Unemployment

The loss of a job or other source of income can put a significant strain on a family's finances. If you are having trouble making ends meet or paying off debt, selling your home might be the answer.

Medical Expenses

There can be significant financial strain caused by unanticipated or ongoing healthcare costs. If you need immediate or ongoing medical care, you may have to sell your home to pay for it.

Debt Repayment

Debt Repayment

When you have too much debt from credit cards, personal loans, or other bills, it can be hard to handle. You might be able to pay off your debts and get your finances back on track by selling your home.

Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates

The cost of your mortgage going up can hurt the quality of your life. Mortgage rates keep going up, making it harder and harder for people to keep their homes. To prevent your house from being repossessed you may have to sell.

Tax Liabilities

Unpaid tax debts or big increases in property taxes can make it hard to make ends meet. Selling the property could be a way to pay off your tax debt and avoid more financial problems.

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How to avoid house repossession in as litle as 7 days

The threat of house repossession can be a sensitive mater to you and your loved ones. We understand that unexpected events can lead to unexpected solutions. At Sell-Fast, our team has the knowledge and expertise to prevent house repossessions. We understand your concerns and are here to guide you to a solution that best meets your needs.

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Below are common FAQs for preventing a house repossession.
Selling your home may be a last resort to alleviate financial difficulty. Losing a job, having too much debt, or having to pay for unexpected medical bills can be a reason where someone may need to sell their home.

Selling a home can bring in considerable amounts of cash that can be used to pay off bills, pay for living costs, or take care of other financial responsibilities.

When the market value of your home is less than what you owe on your mortgage, this is called negative equity. Your mortgage lender will be unlikely to approve a remortgage deal, as they would need to lend you more than your home is worth.
Yes, if you sell your home before repossession, you can avoid default and the negative effects it has on your credit score. It’s vital that you act quickly, as a repossession can have detrimental effects on your credit score, inhibiting your ability to get future lending.
Your credit score is not directly affected by the sale of your home. Missing loan re-payments is what affects your credit score. The more you miss the worse your credit score will become.
If you sell your house via an estate agent, then this can typically take 6-9 months. An auction can vary depending on when the next auction is as well as how much interest your property gets. Selling your house to a cash buying company is the quickest and most effective method of guaranteeing a sale on your house.
This is dependent on your situation. If you are seeking a quick guaranteed sale, then this is not the best approach.
If you sell your house with an estate agent, then there will be fees to pay to the estate agent as well as solicitor fees and potential renovation costs. If you were to sell your house to a cash buying service, then all fees would be covered, and you would get 100% of the agreed sale price.
It is possible to sell a house in poor condition, but it will lower the price and make it harder to sell, especially if it is limited to cash buyers only.
There are three main routes you could use to sell your home: estate agents, auction’s and cash buying companies. The route you choose will largely depend on your wants and needs.
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